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SMS Limits Screen

The system user can use this screen to set incoming/outgoing SMS limits on the device. The limits can be set for day, week and month. For example a device could have the following limits for incoming SMS, 5, 10 and 30. This would mean the device could only accept a maximum of 5 SMS in one day, 10 SMS in any one week and 30 per month. Once any limit is reached the device will not accept the SMS.

Set New Limits

This will take the new limits entered by the system user in the new values fields and send them to the device; They will not be applied however. (This is done via the Enable button in SMS Limit Status).

Enter new values.

Click the Set New Limits button, This will send the new values to the device BUT NOT APPLY THEM.

To apply the new values to the device, click the Enable button. The new values will update in the left most fields. The Are Limits Enable state will also update to YES, showing the new limits have taken effect.


The system user can use this button to enforce the new limits on the device.


The system user can use this button to disable the new limits on the device so they no longer take effect.

Reset SMS Count

The system user can use this button to reset the SMS count on the device. For example if the device has received 3 SMS today, it would set the SMS count back to zero. This does not affect SMS limits.

Are Limits Enabled

This shows the current state of whether the limits are applied to the device. For example whether the system user has clicked Enable or Disable.

NB. The above functionality is the same for both incoming and outgoing SMS.

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