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Remote Installation screen

The remote installation screen is where previously uploaded apks can be viewed and silently installed on a device. To upload an apk to the Devreach server please follow the steps in the apk screen.

The image below shows a previously uploaded apk.

Install apk on Device

To install the apk, select the apk from the list by selecting the radio button far left. Click the Install Selected apk on device(s) button and the following screen will appear. The system user can decide to install the apk on the current device and/select a group of deives too. Another option is to add to policy; This will not install the apk but add the command to a policy of type Application. In this situation the apk will be installed when the policy is activated.

Once an apk has been silently installed on the device, it will appear in the list of packages. The system user can refresh the list by clicking get package names.

Uninstall an APK

An apk can be uninstalled from the device by selecting the package name from the list and clicking Uninstall App.

The system user can also start/stop the app, wipe data and create a home screen short cut.

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