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APK Screen

The APK screen allows the system user to upload an apk to the devreach server. The apk can then be silently installed on devices without mobile user intervention.

To upload an apk that is on a local machine, click the browse button, this will present a file explorer window showing the local drives.

Once the file has been selected, click Open and the file name will appear next to the Browse button. The following screen will appear once the Upload button is clicked.

Click OK if you are happy to upload the apk. The following screen will be shown if the apk has been successfully uploaded and the apk will appear in the list.

Install the APK

The apk is now ready to be installed on a device(s). To do this, please refer to the steps in Remote Install

Remove the APK

To remove the apk from the Devreach server, click the Remove Selected APK button.

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