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Messages Screen

The message screen allows the system user to send single or group messages to enrolled devices.

Each message in the outbound rows are messages that the system user has created and each have a messageID. The message itself can be viewed in full by clicking on the view button. Each message may have a reply, which can be viewed by clicking See Replies. If there is a reply or multiple replies from different devices (group message), then all replies for that message will be displayed in the replies to message list.


The view button will display the message or reply in more detail.

Create Message

The above screen shows how to create a message. In this example, one group is ticked and one other device is also included in the message. That device is not in the group, so a mixture of distinct devices and groups of devices can be sent the same message.

Send Message Now

This button will send the message via push notification to the device(s).

Dates From/To

The above screen shows how to pick a date range of from/to in which message have been created.

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