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SMS Incoming Screen

A system user can use this screen to whitelist/blacklist incoming SMS numbers. The whitelist is the exception to the blacklist.

NB .* (dot star) can be used as a wild card, for example if the device is not allowed to receive incoming SMS from 01924555678, the number could be typed in the blacklist in its entirely or the system user could type .*678 or 01924.*. Both patterns would block the original number.

Get Blacklist

This button retrieves the currently blacklisted number on the device. They will appear in the left most list.

Clear All

This button clears all numbers from the blacklist on the device.

Set All

This button sets all numbers blacklisted on the device. (Essentially send .* to the device).


This button allows the system user to add individual numbers to the blacklist.

Please note the same functionality exists for whitelisting numbers. If the device is only allowed to accept SMS from 3 numbers, it could be achieved by doing the following:

In the blacklistimg screen, click Set All. In the whitelisting screen, add the 3 numbers. These numbers would be the exception to the blacklist.

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