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Create a Sytem User

A system user can enrol devices into the system and would typically be the person that manages the devices and applies policies to them. A new sytem user can be created by clicking the System users button at the top of the Devreach Home screen.

NB. When the Devreach system is first purchased, we will ask for your email address. Part of the set up for a new company includes Devreach support creating the first system user for you. You will receive an email from which you can create your password. From that point on, you can use that login to create subsequent system users as necessary. Please look further down this page to see how to create a new system user.

Once clicked, you will see the system users screen below.

To add a new user, click the Add System User button. The new account's email address can be added in the following screen by entering it into text field. Once entered, click the Save Changes button.

Click the Save Changes button and the following screen will appear. It will show the email entered and is defaulted to currently active (checkbox). This can be changed if a system user is no longer needed. The next step is to sign out from Devreach, which will take you to the following screen.

Click the Devreach EMM Members Area button.

Now click the 'need to create a password' link and enter the email address.

Once Submit Request has been clicked, you will receive an email to create a password via a link. Copy the link into a browser and enter your new password.

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